Con Cung’s journey to conquer the 7-billion-dollar market


Con Cung’s journey to conquer the 7-billion-dollar market

Con Cung’s journey

Con Cung, founded in 2011, quickly became one of the most recognizable baby & child care products retailers in Vietnam.

At the end of 2021, the retailer made a milestone of creating 600 storefronts, with over 5 million customers, in 46 provinces and cities of Vietnam. According to Nielsen, this brand is the most loved baby & child care products retailer in Vietnam.

In January, the Asian private equity fund Quadria Capital invested 90 million USD in Con Cung. At the same time, the brand announced their ambitious Super Center plans.

This can be seen as its way of targeting customers from a higher-end segment of the Vietnamese market. It is estimated that this market is worth 7 billion US dollars, with great potential for growth.

“Behind all the statistics that demonstrate Con Cung’s impressive growth are the motivations, the passion and a professional work culture from the business.” said Mr. Luu Anh Tien, Founder and CEO of Con Cung in Talk show Nguy Co, the collaboration between VnExpress and S-World.

S-World is incredibly honored to have the opportunity to share this story to our viewers. Almost a week after airing, the episode in Talk show Nguy Co reached 340,000 views and 5,000 reactions.

In addition, over 30 news outlets and 20 financial communities have shared information about this episode.

S-World is proud to be able to assist Con Cung and become the bridge that connects products and generates values, bringing the business closer to the public.

We hope that S-World and Con Cung will have even more opportunities to cooperate in the future.


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