About us

About us

S-World is a pioneering, next-generation media company with an ecosystem that connects Vietnam to the “world.”


Why choose us

Humans of S-World

A collective of people with the same vision, highly-trained media expertise, international competence and passion for creativity. Culture of S-World: Connections to go fast and far together.

Culture of S-World

Connections to go FAST and FAR together.

S-World Connections

S-World has an extensive network of prestigious relationships. It aims to create new models of connectivity and creativity to: GROW STRONGER TOGETHER

What's special about S-World

S-World Production and communication capabilities are our strongest foundation

Our team consists of journalists, reporters and media members with extensive experience in Vietnam and internationally. We take pride in our modern, creative style that is capable of creating diverse and valuable products that can connect with customers on a personal level.

Connection creates sustainable value

We always focus on connecting people via multimedia, linking prestigious units with organizations and colleagues, and the community with more than 100 Vietnamese and 20 international media outlets. This allows us to spread positive values naturally and sustainably.

Our overall culture helps optimize budget

A single idea with one implementation method can develop into different services across platforms to help customers enjoy the most effective communications.

Pioneering communication in new industries and new technologies

We are breaking ground for communicating and spreading positive values for new industries and new technologies with our broad knowledge base, market analysis abilities, data, speed, and creativity.

Our Advisors


Phuc Tran (Kazufuku Nitta)

Business Advisor

President of Metran Group Japan


Don Le

Inspirational advisor

Founder and CEO of Everest Education


Vy Le

Business Advisor

Co-Founder and Director of Do Ventures



Founder & CEO

S-World’s founder and CEO has over 12 years of experience in the media and journalism industries. She has worked in over 20 countries around the world, most notably the United States.
As a former Director of VTC10-NETVIET’s Southern Branch, a Vietnamese foreign cultural television channel, she also served as the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Master Communication Advisor for Techfest Vietnam 2020.
Soan Dang also works closely with several ministries, branches, and localities, most notably the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology, and Information and Communication. In addition, she has developed numerous connections with diplomatic agencies and international organizations in Vietnam.
Previously, the founder of S-World also worked as a director, journalist, and producer for a wide range of genres, including TVC, documentaries, talk shows, reality TV, and game shows on VTV, VTC, and HTV channels and more.


Our team

A collective of people with the same vision, highly-trained media expertise, international competence and passion for creativity.


Join our team!

Join our team to strengthen connections, create new and unique values in the Vietnamese media market, and reach out to the world.

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