Innovation Hub – Connecting with the innovation community at S-World


Innovation Hub – Connecting with the innovation community at S-World

S-World established the Innovation Hub as part of ongoing attempts to develop new principles. With the goal “Together Into the world”, S-World wants to bring more powerful links and establish distinct ideas with this community.

What is Innovation Hub?

Innovation Hub is an innovation community that brings together various businesses and groups in Vietnam and around the world. With the link from S-World, the Innovation Hub will be a location of mutual support and engagement to develop new values together and go FAST and FAR together.

The Innovation Hub was founded with the goal of increasing connection values and generating new and distinct values. S-World thinks that good values will be established through handshakes with long-term connections.

Who are the Innovation Hub members?

The business community continually innovates and searches for RISKS in Opportunities.

Vietnamese company groups that want to expand internationally are the first participants in the Innovation Hub network. This resource has a lot of internal resources and the ability to make future advances. At Nguy Co Talk Show and The Next Power Talk Show, S-World had the chance to collaborate and spread the insightful sharing of more than 80 businesses.

The stories of more than 80 leading CEOs in Vietnam such as Mai Huu Tin – Chairman of the Board of Directors of U&I Investment JSC, Artisan Ly Ngoc Minh – Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Minh Long I Co., Ltd., Cao Thi Ngoc Dung – Chairwoman of Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company, … with the meaningful message of the business reached 20 million views and more than 700 articles on prestigious press units.

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Economic – creativity audience group

The economy and invention are always hot subjects in the media. This subject is even more pervasive, readily reaching the audience, users at home and abroad, in the context that the market still has challenges and innovation has become an indispensable item for every company.

S-World is delighted to be accompanying “big companion” VnExpress – the most read Vietnamese daily – on its voyage of making links. The VnExpress group has up to 50 million prospective viewers, with over 6 million of them interested in business. VnExpress also receives over 900 million daily website views.

Additionally, S-World began to establish a new creative team on various social media sites, including Facebook, Tiktok, Linkedin, Youtube, in the business sector. which includes the Tiktok account with more than 100,000 followers. Additionally, the Facebook site has more than 47,000 likes and follows. These are the audience who consistently uphold, promote, and disseminate the ideals of INNOVATION, inspiring the S-World team to keep developing programs.

The press and media industry

S-World has built relationships with over 100 local and international groups through programs and events, working with a team that has strong strengths and expertise in the areas of journalism and television. Some reputable press units must be mentioned such as: Cafef, Thanh Nien, Tuoi Tre, The Leader,…

Connections from the press and media community have accompanied S-World in spreading the value of varied events and programs to a large group of people who are interested in the area of economics, innovation, and creativity corporate community and industry

Why should you join Innovation Hub with S-World?

S-World has always had the goal of multiplying connection values and generating new and distinct values from the media since the beginning. This is obviously shown in the desire to pioneer an ecosystem that links Vietnam with the “world”.

As a result, individuals and organizations that join S-World and Innovation Hub will also contribute significantly to the global connectivity of Vietnam. In addition to having the opportunity to attend programs with valuable content from S-World, characters and businesses will also firmly connect with communities of the same vision, spreading more creative and different and at the same time it becomes an honor for S-World to accompany us to go FAST and FAR.

S-World, believing that “the world is close if we connect, new values are close if we sit together,” will make persistent efforts to establish new relationships. Hopefully, in the near future, S-World will be able to assist more companies in creating a better ecosystem and achieving new benchmarks together.

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Innovation Hub – Connecting with the innovation community at S-World


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