The Next Power Talk Show | The next handshake of innovation from VnExpress and S-World


The Next Power Talk Show | The next handshake of innovation from VnExpress and S-World

The Next Power, an in-depth talk show about innovation, has been officially launched.

The “The Next Power” talk show uncovers the pivotal moments of innovation of Vietnam’s leading corporations and enterprises in various fields. Mr. Le Tri Thong, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company (PNJ), and Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi, Vice Chairwoman of the Ho Chi Minh City Young Entrepreneurs Association and former General Director of Vintech City (Vingroup) hosted the talk show. 
“The Next Power” will explore the story of finding “new power” through innovation with guest entrepreneurs, assisting businesses in overcoming the most difficult times in the development process. The robot application program interacts with the audience and broadcasts weekly on multiple digital platforms.
Furthermore, the program employs intellectual products of Vietnamese business people around the world, such as Dr. Vu Duy Thuc’s Robot Ohmni® Telepresence (or Ohmni for short) transferred from Silicon Valley, and Mishima chair with a genuine unibody construction at Arevo Company of Sonny Vu and Le Diep Kieu Trang, which is also the world’s largest carbon fiber 3D printing factory. The show is produced at Landmark 81, Southeast Asia’s second-tallest building.

Why did The Next Power choose “Innovation” as its main theme?

According to the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2021, the innovation performance of Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Oceania has been rated as the most dynamic over the last decade. Data from the World Bank and global investment companies show that Vietnam’s digital economy has grown impressively. Those encouraging signs will be promoted further in 2022 when the Government of Vietnam officially launches the Socio-Economic Development and Recovery Program and fiscal and monetary policies to support the program.
This is seen as the driving force for resuming our country’s GDP growth after a two-year slowdown caused by the pandemic. Vietnamese businesses are holding many hands because of their favorable geographical location, rapid development speed, impressive disease control ability, and the government’s drastic economic stimulus measures. resources to innovate, meet the growing needs of domestic customers, and welcome the global wave of investment and supply chain expansion to Southeast Asia
The Next Power is all about innovation. This is the “key” factor used to lead businesses to transform, breakthrough, pioneer, and confirm their position. “Normally, people look at new technology and new products when talking about innovation,” Mr. Le Tri Thong explained. “However, with The Next Power, we’ll look at old and new strategies that can rescue and turn around businesses.”
As a result, the production unit S-World and the electronic newspaper VnExpress created the talk show series “The Next Power” to accompany the exploration of common “bottlenecks” in developing businesses and updating trends and a pioneer in discovering new strengths and creating new values for businesses. 
Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi, Founder and Chairwoman and General Director of IBP, and Mr. Le Tri Thong, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company, host the talk show (PNJ). Both are leading experts with numerous contributions to the business community and co-founders of IBP, Vietnam’s leader in innovation consulting. This is also why “Shark” Phi accepted the invitation to lead the program, to spread innovation perspectives more broadly.
“I am usually happiest when I have an innovation formula.” But one of the beauties of innovation is that sometimes, even if we follow the right formula, we don’t always get the same successful results,” Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi explained. “That is why we must discover the value of each innovation and continue to do so in the business every day.”

A new and exciting version of the “Nguy Co” Talkshow

The predecessor to “The Next Power” is a series of Talk shows called “Nguy Co” (translated as “Threats and Opportunities”) with business administrators dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of them are real estate group Cen Group, e-commerce platform Lazada, conglomerate FPT technology, media “boss” Yeah1!, and successful Vietnamese entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, such as Sonny Vu and Kendrick Nguyen, and Vu Duy Thuc.
The talk show has been viewed over 10 million times across seven platforms. The talk show, which features more than 50 inspirational business figures, attracts and receives positive feedback from audiences in 15 countries.
Keeping the pioneering spirit alive, the S-World and VnExpress production teams continued to launch the Talk show The Next Power with new values. “The Next Power” is a place for entrepreneurs to share stories of innovation and creativity, symbolizing the Vietnamese people’s desire to reach the world with the continuous application of intellectual products of Vietnamese people around the world, such as the Ohmni technology assistant robot, Mishima chair in unibody construction from carbon fiber, or filming studio at Landmark 81.
“The Next Power” will be innovative in its production, bringing the message of an aspirational Vietnamese generation with an international perspective,” said Ms. Dang Soan, program production director and CEO of S-World Media.
“The Next Power” will air every Thursday on VnExpress and other multimedia platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

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