#16 | Vietnam and a strong transformation in the digital economy – Guest Dr. Chen, Vice President of Qualcomm


#16 | Vietnam and a strong transformation in the digital economy – Guest Dr. Chen, Vice President of Qualcomm

On episode 16 of The Next Power Talk show produced by S-World and VnExpress welcomes An Mei Chen – Vice President of Engineering at Qualcomm Corporation and host Truong Ly Hoang Phi – Chairwoman & CEO of IBP. Having more than 21 years of experience working at Qualcomm, Dr. Chen shared about the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation in Vietnam and Qualcomm’s contributions in this challenging journey.


Qualcomm Corporation is a global semiconductor company headquartered in the United States, currently owning offices in more than 157 countries around the world. One of the famous products from the group is the Snapdragon chip, which is considered the most powerful chip currently installed in most smartphone devices in the world. In June 2020, Qualcomm officially announced the first Research and Development (R&D) Center in Southeast Asia in Hanoi with a focus on research and development of wireless technology (5G) and IoT.

Accelerating digital transformation in Vietnam

Faced with challenges that forced transformation to develop, a number of emerging markets, including Vietnam, have been achieving desirable achievements in digital transformation. Nguyen Phu Tien, Deputy Director of the National Digital Transformation Department at the Ministry of Information and Communications, shared at the seminar “Accelerating digital transformation: For the practical benefit of people and businesses”, the period from 2022 to 2025 is considered the stage to accelerate the speed of digital transformation implemented by each industry, field, and locality in Vietnam. According to statistics, it is estimated that more than 53 million people have switched to digital consumption in the past 2021 and2022, and the share of the digital economy in GDP structure reached 10.41% (as of June 2022).

The doctor also states that when building infrastructure or applying a new technology, Vietnam needs to have further development plans in the future. When applying any advanced technology to products, projects and infrastructure, investors need to consider the flexibility of this technology to be suitable for future upgrades.

In addition, host Truong Ly Hoang Phi also adds that Vietnam is a desirable investment destination for technology giants when these businesses gradually move their supply chains to Vietnam, in the context that the country won significant market share in the export of phones and chips. Dr. Chen also shares that as more and more companies gather in Vietnam, their demand for infrastructure increases. This will be a great opportunity for Vietnam and Qualcomm to accelerate digital transformation.

As a pioneer in the field of modern technology, when entering the Vietnamese market, Qualcomm aims to share the technologies it has developed, designed and built technical solutions with other Vietnamese enterprises in the company’s ecosystem.

Unleashing the Vietnamese spirit to move forward with technology – Shared by Qualcomm’s Vice President

In the Vietnamese market, Qualcomm has its own team to provide and set up specific technology solutions and initiatives for businesses in the ecosystem. Dr. Chen also expresses her impression of the friendliness and resilience of the workers in the S-shaped country. This can be mentioned when the staff here had a rhythmic cooperation handshake with the Qualcomm’s team in San Diego to launch the Qualcomm Innovation Challenge (QVIC) program in Vietnam to support Vietnamese startups on their innovation journey.

Besides, when talking about management style to build a team of potential employees in Vietnam, Dr. Chen also does not hesitate to share that leaders need to spend time observing and understanding the strengths, capabilities and concerns of employees in the team. From there, employees can be placed in suitable positions where they can demonstrate their abilities. If this can be done, the staff will make efforts to devote themselves to the development of the business.

Also according to the Vice President, the technologies that businesses have developed will bring many benefits to the digital transformation process in Vietnam, and the future will be very livable with the development of technology.

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