#17 | Lazada launched a VND300 billion automatic sorting center in Binh Duong in 2023


#17 | Lazada launched a VND300 billion automatic sorting center in Binh Duong in 2023

lazadaThe 17th episode’s guest of The Next Power, an economic talkshow co-produced by S-World and VnExpress, is Dang Anh Dung – Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Lazada Vietnam. Discussing with host Truong Ly Hoang Phi, Dung mentioned Lazada’s vision for sustainable development and its strategy to provide the best value to e-commerce users.

An e-commerce business that prioritizes social responsibility

In 2021, despite the fact that Covid-19 caused many industries to experience negative growth, e-commerce maintained a stable growth rate. According to a report by the Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency ( Ministry of Industry and Trade), the proportion of e-commerce retail sales increased by 27% from the same period in 2020.

Mr. Dang believes that e-commerce will play an important role in the future of the Vietnamese economy. In the context of many businesses undergoing digital transformation, how to train human resources to support e-commerce platforms in general is a major concern.
Besides, Vietnam’s e-commerce field in recent years has witnessed fierce competition from domestic and foreign enterprises and many businesses have fallen through the cracks. However, this competition is an excellent opportunity for Lazada to test its creativity in business operations.

Furthermore, Mr. Dang predicts that over the next 1-2 years, the commercial model will undergo significant changes and become more sophisticated in its approach to customers. Competition if based solely on vouchers or price will fail to retain customers; instead, trust and a clear brand positioning must be established.

Lazada has been the leading e-commerce platform in Vietnam for many months in a row (according to Reputa’s monthly ranking) by pioneering many technological solutions, including logistics technology. Not only is Lazada developing a platform to help customers shop easily through its own channels such as Lazmall (genuine channel), Lazbeauty (beauty channel),… but it is also investing in logistics, with a sorting center worth up to 300 billion VND ready to open in Binh Duong in early 2023.

Furthermore, Lazada aspires to tell the story of sustainable development through green solutions such as delivery by electric vehicles or the use of environmentally friendly packaging. Recently, Lazada Logistics collaborated with Selex Motor to launch the first electric motorcycles from this startup with an effort to reduce emissions.

Optimizing the collective power for sustainable development

Since its inception, Lazada has strived to provide the most value to its customers. Customers are Lazada’s only solution to business problems involving internal operations or benefits shared by many external partners.

Lazada’s first 10-year anniversary in Vietnam commemorates the company’s success in focusing on organization, operational logistics, and team capacity. Lazada intends to continue promoting the foundation it has laid for long-term development over the next ten years.

To achieve this goal, Mr. Dang states that Lazada must concentrate on three factors. The first step is to understand customers using available data and technology to understand the user community’s shopping behavior and preferences.

Furthermore, developing a sustainable e-commerce platform necessitates the combined strength of various business components. The third step is to continue training human resources and transfer experience to other regions’ e-commerce markets.

Lazada’s fast innovation team is also very special in a rapidly changing and evolving environment like e-commerce. The brand is led by “captains” with extensive market experience. At the same time, Lazada’s workforce is young and dynamic. If leaders are the ones who lead and pass on experience, the younger generations are the ones who create innovative and groundbreaking values.

To take Lazada faster and further into the future, departments and elements of the business must work together to move forward at the same pace. This organizational strength requires connection, understanding, rhythmic coordination, and consensus and determination.

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