Honoring outstanding projects of S-World in 2021


Honoring outstanding projects of S-World in 2021

Let’s look back at a tumultuous 2021 with S-World Multimedia. Although challenging, we are very proud and honored to accompany many great partners in the past year, with countless outstanding projects that have been completed. 


So what are those projects, and what impressions has S-World brought when working with great domestic and international “friends”? Let’s explore the 5 most outstanding projects of S-World in 2021 through the photos below.


The most innovative project: Metran

O-Pro is a modern two-way air filter mask product line, with the mission of “Save lives” by Mr. Tran Ngoc Phuc, the inventor of the MV20 ventilator. He is the president of Metran Japan, a company with more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing medical equipment in Japan and the world.


As a media and marketing partner for Metran, the S-World team had the opportunity to accompany Metran through many project phases, providing these service packages: Branding – O-Pro product cross-platform identity, Communication – Newspaper & Webinar, Production – 3D Video, TVC, and Photoshoot.


Team S-World has succeeded in combining Mr Phuc’s noble mission with high-tech elements, from creating an identity with a meaningful infinity loop shape, true to the spirit of the product, to build deep relationships with users.


The image of inventor Tran Ngoc Phuc and Metran company covered 52 prestigious newspapers in Vietnam, 7 newspapers/radio channels, and multi-channel social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram etc.



The most pioneering project: Nguy Co Talkshow

Talkshow Nguy Co (translated as “Risks & Chances”) is a program produced by VnExpress in collaboration with S-World. The show tells the story of entrepreneurs who navigate “Risk” to embrace “Opportunity” in the new normal era.


Through more than 50 broadcast episodes, this is currently one of the most anticipated talk shows of the business community today, reaching up to 40 million users and 900 million pageviews from VnExpress, a Vietnamese online newspaper most read by domestic and international readers, and spread to 15 countries. Each episode attracts hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments on multiple platforms such as VnExpress.net, VnExpress International, Youtube, Facebook, Spotify…


In particular, the number of 10 million views for the first year of broadcasting has affirmed the pioneering position of the program and successfully brought the inspirational stories of reputable brands and entrepreneurs to the mass audience.




The fastest project: Republic

Republic.co (USA) is currently one of the largest financial technology companies in the US, especially in the field of retail investment and blockchain. S-World is Republic’s media partner in Vietnam, accompanying them through two phases “Big Boom” and “Sustain”, with three approaches to the community: press media – television (PR), social media, and event communication.


In just 6 months of implementation, S-World has supported Republic to reach the target market in Vietnam with 5 campaigns, 57 prestigious newspapers, 10 leading media channels in Vietnam, and the Fanpage “Investing with Republic” with 15,000 page likes, 900,000 reach, and 50,000 total engagement. In which, S-World has successfully produced an online event – Webinar “The position of women in the future of the world’s investment” & mini talk show series “Tien ti te” with the participation of Randi Zuckerberg former Director Marketing at Facebook – Le Diep Kieu Trang.



The most heart-felt project: 3 CSR projects

During the stressful time of the epidemic, despite many difficulties, S-World was extremely happy when continuously accompanying the media to support the media in many meaningful projects, contributing to uplifting morale, connecting communities together more deeply than ever, with businesses and nonprofits at home and abroad.



Project “Ban Oi Khoe Khong?” (“How are you, friends?”)

This is a non-profit project with an aim of connecting a team of experts in the field of physical and mental health to work together for a healthy and stable Vietnam, to overcome the pandemic. Through discussions and workshops, the speakers will provide practical exercises, interesting tips and information on mental well-being.


S-World accompanied with “Ban oi khoe khong?” in a support role, in charge of organization of weekly webinar sessions with quality speakers, supporting PR activities as well as communication on social media channels. After just over 2 months of establishment, the group has now attracted more than 11,000 members, 80,000 interactions, 20 events, nearly 3,000 checks at the mental health map and more than 10 news articles. This is an extremely positive result, sparkling in the midst of the gloomy pandemic days.


Project “Giup toi” (“Help me”)

Launched in 2 weeks by 200 technology engineers from companies and organizations such as Got It, STEAM for Vietnam, Kompa Group and Filum, the “Giup toi” application has been put into operation. 


This is a completely free 24/7 counseling application, supporting people with medical advice, health, groups of people who are in need of psychological support during the time of social distancing in Ho Chi Minh City. With our strength in communication, S-World has contributed to PR activities, quickly bringing information about “Giup toi” to 20 articles to spread this meaningful app to the community.


Project “Noi niem tin bat dau…” (“Where The Faith Begins…”)

In the midst of so much conflicting information, we might face a crisis of trust. Faced with that situation, the Webinar “Noi niem tin bat dau…” was organized to share the perspectives of four volunteer groups from Vietnam, the US, and Canada (Stay Strong Saigon, Joining hands for Vietnam, Oxy Sai) Gon, Nhip Tho Que Huong) who has been active, constantly contributing to the community over the recent trying time.


The webinar is organized by S-World and supported by Vietsuccess, and has reached 4,200 live views and more than 9 articles shared with lots of comments, lively discussions about volunteering, community in Vietnam amid the pandemic. 


The most different project: ADB Ventures – Climatic

Climatic is a series about the meeting between startups and investors in the Asia-Pacific region with a different message: To introduce new technologies to and spread the message from startups. green” across Asia.


The program is implemented by ADB Ventures, an investment fund belonging to Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank), with the production support from S-World, Ms Linh Thai / Thai Van Linh – CEO of TVL Group and Clickable Impact.


The program is released online through multiple channels, including e27.co, an online technology communication platform that can reach the public in the Asia-Pacific region and internationally. 




Along with the aforementioned outstanding projects, 2021 can be a year in which S-World finds “Chances” in “Risks” by persistently replicating values and connecting communities/organizations. Amid upheavals and surprises, maintain organization, and spread positive values to the community. 


What new projects will be implemented and recognized in 2022? Let us all wait for the new time with S-World!

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