What’s in S-World’s dictionary?


What’s in S-World’s dictionary?

On its journey into the “world,” S-World’s dictionary has added many new words with unforgettable definitions when gradually asserting itself on the media map of Vietnam in general and the world in particular. 

So, what exactly are these words, and what do they mean in the context of S-World? Let’s find out in the following article!

Connect (verb)

This is the first word in S-World’s dictionary since S-World’s story appears to have become an ongoing mission of connection. It is the story of connecting Vietnam to “the world,” or “the world” to Vietnam, or simply connecting people to people.

S-World, with its multimedia strength, has, is, and will continue to create invisible but persistent “ties” to go FAST and FAST together.


Blue (noun)

Blue is most likely the color that appears in all S-World publications. Blue has special meanings for S-World because it is the color of aspirations, rivers, seas, and skies in Vietnam and the S-World brand color.

S-World’s logo features four different shades of blue in the shape of the familiar horse, representing the multi-colored aspirations and values that S-World strives to preserve and develop on its journey into the “world.”



“World” (noun)

Each person’s concept of the world is likely to be different, as are the shapes and colors.

Similarly, in S-World, the term “world” refers to both visible lands with multidimensional multi-cultural cultures and the infinite, invisible space within each of us. Into the “world” will always be an endless and enduring journey of the S family’s aspirational hearts.


Mark (noun)

Mark most likely refers to an eye-catching, distinct, and unforgettable “attribute” in the built and transmitted products. S-World is always concerned about the marks created when embarking on any project to establish itself on the domestic and international media map.

“What distinguishes S-World?” That is the question that S-World strives to answer with all of its team’s perfection and sustainability.



True-to-life (adjective)

To S-World, “true-to-life” means “true, simple, and touching the emotions of viewers.”

Not just flashy and unrealistic movies or photos, S-World strives to convey very “true-to-life” content so that the audience can feel it with their eyes, ears, and sentiment.



The above words, as well as many others, have been added to S-World’s growing dictionary, such as experiences and “worlds” that S-World is persistent and passionate about exploring.

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