A big thanks from S-World on our two-year milestone


A big thanks from S-World on our two-year milestone

From seeking opportunities in threats to striving for innovation

S-World celebrates the second anniversary of its founding on June 7, 2022, with the journey represented by a sine graph.

S-World has captured numerous OPPORTUNITIES in THREATS, aided by “big friends” who are renowned advisors in various fields. In 2022, S-World doubled in size and revenue to take baby steps onto the Vietnamese media landscape and spread its value internationally.

When the sine graph reached the incline, THREATS in OPPORTUNITIES emerged. S-World recognizes that to pursue its vision of a connected ecosystem, it must INNOVATE to create new and distinct pathways. Create new strength and “TOGETHER into the World” to continue conquering new creative peaks in the media industry.


S-World has received considerable love and support over the past two years from advisors, partners, customers, large and small friends, and the entire S family.

We want to express our sincere appreciation to all of you and our hope that S-World will continue to accompany everyone in multiplying new connection values and going FAST and FAR together.

S-World will continue to follow the five core values of Pioneering – Celerity – Compassion – Innovation – Uniqueness” to bring new and different values and pursue the vision of “a pioneering new generation media company with an ecosystem connecting Vietnam with the “world.”

Thanks to the mentors of S-World

On the 2-year journey, S-World would like to express heartfelt gratitude to the five mentors who helped S-World take the first steps on the “Together into the World” journey, including:

Mr Tran Ngoc Phuc – President of Metran Corporation Japan

Mr Tran Ngoc Phuc is the inventor of the world famous Hummingbird ventilator. His entrepreneurial spirit at the age of 70 combined with his practical experience has made him a respected business advisor for S-World.

Despite geographical distance, Mr. Tran Ngoc Phuc always expresses a lot of love and support to S-World. S-World always cherishes his wishes from the initial day of establishment. In addition, S-World was also honored to have the opportunity to cooperate with Metran Japan to share O-Pro, technology mask, to the Vietnamese and international markets.


Ms. Vy Le – Co-Founder & General Partner of Do Ventures

The second mentor of S-World is Vy Le, who brings valuable business lessons to S-World. Vy Le shared, “It’s the same carbon but under different pressures, sometimes it will become a diamond, sometimes it will be coal” from the day S-World took its first steps.

S-World feels very lucky to always have the enthusiastic help of Ms. Vy Le. She is also an inspiration for S-World to continue to conquer pioneering and creative values ​​and continuously strive for INNOVATION on her “Together into the World” journey.

Thank you

Mr. Don Le – Co-Founder and CEO Everest Education

The next mentor that S-World wants to send appreciation to is Mr. Don Le. He and his colleagues are using new technology in education, leading programs, and “blended learning” method to lead every step forward, inspiring students and helping them set foot in prestigious universities around the world.

For S-World, he has been a startup advisor since the days when the company was not yet formed. During these 2 years, S-World always feels happy because he always follows and shares valuable advice and lessons.


Mr. Erik Jonsson – Partner at Antler Global Venture Fund

Last but not least is Mr. Erik Jonsson, one of the four business advisors. Mr. Erik Jonsson, who was the former co-founder and former CEO of Zalora Vietnam, now is the Partner at Antler Global Venture Fund

With his dedication and experience, he has helped S-World to have many valuable lessons in management, operation,… That is the driving force for S-World to continue to create new models. get the hands on a new “world”.


Huge appreciation to the strategic partners who have accompanied S-World on the 2-year journey

S-World has been fortunate to have strategic partners accompany it on the “Together into the World” journey for the past two years. 

S-World’s most significant achievement has been the trust of its partners from its early days to the 2-year-old milestone. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful people who have placed their trust and opportunities in us.

s-world appreciation

VnExpress – Vietnam e-newspaper with the most readers

The first partner S-World would like to thank is the “precious friend” VnExpress – The most read newspaper in Vietnam. VnExpress and S-World collaborated to produce programs such as Learn to Love, Talkshow Nguy Co, and The Next Power. 

The Nguy Co talk show received 10 million views in its first broadcast year. Following the success, The Next Power was born with a lot of momentum, confirming the new program’s pioneering position and creating new reading-viewing behaviour among Vietnamese readers.

After 1 month of broadcasting on 8 different platforms, including VnExpress.vn, The Next Power has received more than 2,900,000, 82 news articles and more than 1000 comments. The talk show is expected to reach 40 million potential viewers only on VnExpress, (of which more than 6 million viewers in the business sector)

Metran Japan – Japan’s leading ventilator manufacturer

Metran Japan is a partner that S-World values. Metran is a company that specialises in medical device research, development, and manufacturing. S-World has been honoured to be Metran’s media and marketing partner on numerous projects.

S-World feels very lucky to be the bridge to bring O-Pro Vietnam products closer to Vietnamese and world users. This is a high-tech personal air purifier created with the mission of “saving humanity”, with the desire to help people “master the air – return home healthy”.

Do Ventures – Venture capital fund formed in the heart of the storm

As the people born in the storm, S-World feels extremely honored to be trusted by Do Ventures to accompany many events.

S-World had the opportunity to work with Do Ventures to spread value through many projects in 3 media segments: Brand Communication, TVC Production, and Event Organization. In particular, S-World is honored to cooperate with Do Ventures for 2 consecutive years for the Vietnam Innovation and Technology Investment Report 2020 and 2021.

ADB Ventures – The Venture Capital Fund of the Asian Development Bank

Next, ADB Ventures is the international partner S-World wishes to thank. ADB Ventures is the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) new facility for scaling technology solutions to impact the Asia-Pacific region. S-World was honored to be chosen as an ADB Ventures production unit for the Climatic series

This is a program about meetings between startups and investors in the Asia-Pacific region with a unique message: to introduce new technologies to and spread messages from “green” startups throughout Asia.

Republic – A fintech unicorn in the US

Last but not least, Republic is one of the largest fintech firms in the United States, specializing in crowdfunding, retail investing, and blockchain. Republic currently has over 2 million investors from over 150 countries. 

With a large number of Vietnamese investors participating in this platform, Republic wants to increase its recognition in the Vietnamese investment community. S-World has been honored to become Republic’s media partner in this viral journey with Invest with Republic

S-World believes in LINKNOVATE TO THE NEXT POWER, the link that will generate innovation power. In the coming years, S-World will continue to strive to create new values and high-quality products.

The “Together into the World” journey ahead will certainly have many new challenges, but with enthusiasm and pioneering efforts, S-World believes that countless new values will be created. Let’s look forward to the next projects and products of S-World.

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