#28 Leaders at FPT Telecom International and Aruba Vietnam: Companies that seek to reduce costs must comprehend the technology they invest in.


#28 Leaders at FPT Telecom International and Aruba Vietnam: Companies that seek to reduce costs must comprehend the technology they invest in.

Leaders of FPT Telecom International (FTI) and Aruba Vietnam mentioned their cooperation strategy on the Nguy Co talk show. They considered this as a “obvious” step for post-pandemic enterprises with higher requirements for security, transmission, and accessibility from anywhere.

The Internet has grown in importance as a result of the strong integration and development of the digital economy and society. Vietnam’s population used the internet at a rate of 70.3% in 2022. Aruba Vietnam and FPT Telecom International (FTI), the two equipment suppliers and independent transmission lines, have collaborated to offer businesses the best Internet solution by taking opportunities in the growth of the network service industry and risks in a time with a variety of sources of supply and demand.

Episode 28 of the Nguy Co talk show, which is co-produced by VnExpress and S-World, features host Thai Van Linh, CEO of TVL Group, in particular with the presence of two leaders. The story of Nguyen Quoc Khanh, Director of Distribution Network & Storage Center, FPT Telecom International, and Nguyen Pham Vinh Khuong, Country Manager Aruba Vietnam, will revolve around a handshake to begin a new future of digital transformation together.

Network system – The “Zero Step” for business development


The Ministry of Information and Communications estimates that a typical data breach will result in damages totaling 149,000 USD. Businesses not only suffer physical losses but also reputational and legal losses. According to statistics, 60% of small and medium-sized businesses are forced to shut down as a result of cyberattacks. Large businesses operate their critical data and information over the Internet. Because of this, the network of large enterprises needs to be on a larger scale and to have strict security measures in place.

Businesses must still put in a lot of effort to keep running, even during the Covid-19 isolation period. At this point, the network system is more crucial than ever. With the help of the internet, it is now possible for all of us to maintain connections despite our geographical separation. And as businesses have stepped back and accelerated on the track under the new normal, it has become increasingly important to outfit a network system that satisfies the aforementioned requirements.

Vietnam currently has nearly 800,000 businesses, 97% of which are small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, 100,000 new businesses are started annually, which is a fantastic opportunity for network services.

The handshake provides businesses with the best solution for digital transformation.


Technology is similar to a “double-edged sword” for businesses in that it can become an “Opportunity” if it can be used effectively, applied quickly, and made widely available. However, in terms of network security and security, technology also poses potential “Risks”. In order for the staff to work comfortably and communicate easily, a transmission line investment is also necessary as the business grows. However, this will be a challenging issue in terms of cost and personnel if the company creates a separate technology department to meet this need.

Understanding these demands, Aruba and FTI have teamed up to provide businesses with the best digital transformation solutions. In addition to having technologies in the network system that help to centrally manage through cloud computing and use artificial intelligence to help diagnose and detect errors and speed up processing, Aruba is recognized as a leader in the field of transmission equipment. In addition, FTI excels at understanding markets and business strategies. Together, Aruba and FTI can develop, produce products that are stronger, and add more value for customers.

Businesses can budget the cost to rent this service on a monthly basis with better quality and security thanks to the service packages from Aruba and FTI rather than purchasing fixed equipment for the transmission line. This is another way for companies, particularly SMEs, to lower their cost burden. In addition, businesses can entrust this task to organizations like Aruba and FTI rather than investing in separate human resources to design and run a separate system. The enterprise’s network system will accomplish this by ensuring three key elements: stable transmission, straightforward for anyone to access from anywhere, and secure to prevent data theft.

Future targets for Aruba and FTI include securing 30% of the SME segment market share by 2025. Understanding the market and resolving customer issues jointly by Aruba and the FTI will be essential to reaching this goal. Each employee needs to take action for themselves in order for the business to grow. Additionally, the strong and cohesive connection will point a team and team in the direction of the enterprise’s shared mission.

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